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Star Wars Celebration

February 27, 2017

So I'm going to my first Star Wars Celebration. I cannot express how excited I am for this event. Last year all I could do was watch the live streams or my Twitter feed and watch all the fun being had by all of the fans and the only thing I could think about is I want to be at this event. Well, my best friend Andy and I are going with the families and it's going to be amazing! 


I wanted to do a small wish list of things I would like to accomplish while I'm there and most of it revolves around meeting people who I follow on social media and interact with about Star Wars and fandom. 


Surprising enough that some of my To-Do's have nothing to do with sitting in on panels. Now don't get me wrong, I think it would be amazing to be in a room with a thousand other fans soaking up the energy, but honestly I can watch the feeds or the video at the end of the day. I want to meet people. I want to see all the different avenues of fandom. But here is a short list of people that I want to either give a high five to or just to thank them for what they do to feed my fandom or what they do for fandom as a whole.


These are not in any particular order but here we go:


Hip Hop Trooper:

I have been following this guy on Twitter when he was still living in Atlanta before he made the move out west. I just love everything he represents. He brings awesome positive energy, has created an original brand to promote that positive energy and is just an all around cool human! I can't wait to see the party he brings for Celebration and jam out to some Hip Hop blasting on his Beatboxx! 


Tosche-Station Crew:

This is a rather large group of people that I have grown to admire and enjoy their work within fandom. I love listening to the podcast and reading the blogs. I have learned a great deal about the EU from this group that I never knew because I never really read any of the Star Wars Books. I don't really read books at all but they have inspired me to read quite a bit of EU material. Brian & Nanci the married duo that head up the operation are very knowledgeable and put together great content. Mix that with Bria, Shoshana, Saf and Matt and they can be hours of fun!


Anyone involved with LucasFilm: 

I'm talking anyone from the story group such as Pablo Hildago, Leland Chee, Rayne Roberts, Matt Martin or Kiri Hart. These are the people who are in control of the story and they are the ones I want to thank to their faces for what they do to bring Star Wars to life. I also would love to meet Andi Gutierrez, Peter Townley, Anthony Carboni, Scott Bromley and Justin Bolger. These are the people who are living the life and I want to shake some hands and give high fives! 


The list can go on and on here but I will say there are plenty more. People like Ashley Eckstein for the amazing work she does with HerUniverse and as the voice of Ashoka Tano. Having a daughter and knowing that she is represented in fandom is something that i want to thank from the bottom of my heart. Chuck Wendig for being such a great writer and generally entertaining me on Twitter with his outrageous posts. Anyone and everyone from the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs costuming clubs. I have so much respect fr what they do in the community and believe me as you can see by the progress of my own Mando armor, the skill they have with building these costumes is something to be desired.  


Obviously i can't name everyone. There are too many to list them all. I just hope that i don't come off as the annoying fan just trying to get in with the cool kids. I just want to say thank you for what you do for the fan community and for what you do for me and my fandom. All of you enhance my fandom! 


Now for who I don't want to see at Celebration... Just the guy who always leaves me hateful, abusive messages on my Twitter and email just because I follow and interact with the above people. You know who you are troll. You will not like it if I find out who you are. I am not a violent person but I will not stand for abuse and/or harassment. Karma is coming for you.   




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