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Halfway through 2016!

Well we are at the halfway mark in 2016 and there really hasn't been much to report on the music front. Still the same situation with Sunset Bridge being in a holding pattern until Brian comes back. The album sounds amazing and can't wait for everyone to hear it. Other than that everything else has been going on in my personal live which is probably very boring to anyone reading this page. I'm hoping some new shows pick up here soon. Keep checking all the sites to stay on top of the action.  Come out and see me and as always... Keep Jamming!!!  -M-

First post of 2016! WTH is going on?!?!

Today is March 23 and it's my first post of 2016! Why so long do you ask? Well, on top of a very busy personal life, not too much has been going on in the music world recently. The Sunset Bridge Band album is still in the post-production phase and we haven't had many shows to book since we don't have an album to promote and the fact that our guitarist Brian Smith had to take a really awesome job in California for approximately 6 months. So time has been tick, ticking away until that time passes. 


But that's not to say I haven't done ANYTHING! I played some duo shows with Gracie at the Broken String Fling at Sertoma Youth Ranch and Rob Irie at a private party for my friend Craig's birthday. Sunset Bridge Band also played a show at the Dunedin Craft Beer Festival put on by the House of Brew.  


So I have being doing things but I'm sure 2016 is going to start picking up quick. I look forward to sharing more with all of you soon! Come out and see me and as always... Keep Jamming!!!  -M-

What an amazing year 2015 has been- 12/7/15

Well, 2015 is coming to a close and it has been great! I played some fantastic shows at regular venues such as Ella's & played some great new shows like the recent USF Faculty/Staff Holiday Party. Sunset Bridge Band was in two studios recording new music and I launched the wonderful website you're on now! With only 3 & half weeks left in the year there isn't much as far as music to report. But I will be engulfed with my love for Star Wars when it comes out on the 18th (I'm going to the opening night premier on the 17th with Andy Cremeans). But for the purposes for this website and music, I'm looking forward to 2016! The release of the studio album Sunset Bridge Band has been working on and a bunch of shows that you will start to see on here soon. 


I look forward to sharing 2016 with all of you! Come out and see me and as always... Keep Jamming!!!  -M-

My amazing day at Clear Tracks Studio- 9/27/15

Early in September I got a text from AJ Topp about an opportunity to get some studio time for Sunset Bridge Band at one of the best studios in the Bay Area, Clear Tracks Studios. Not familiar with the place? Well, some artists that have recorded there such as Chick Correa, John Legend, Jim Brewer (the comedian), Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Doug E. Fresh & John Blackwell (Prince's Drummer) just to name a few have all graced the halls. This truly was like walking the halls of legends and being in the same studio, using the same equipment, just gave me goosebumps. We worked with the amazing Jim Forbes as our engineer while he was teaching a class of interns for the audio engineering courses that they offer and we cut a single. We went with one of Sunset Bridge Bands more popular songs from a WMNF compilation album and the No Worries album 'Big Black Tears' about the BP gulf oil spill. Its a very powerful song with fantastic lyrics by Gracie. It was an intense day of playing and listening to the same song for about 10-12 hours. But the experience made it all worth it. I hope that we get more opportunities to record there again in the future. I posted some pictures in the gallery so go check those out and keep your eye out on here to see details as to when the new album will be released and how to hear the 'Big Black Tears' single from the recording at Clear Tracks. Thank you to Jim for all your help and inspriation that day and to Mike Johnson the owner for allowing us to come in and record. Not to mention letting me be the first drummer to record on thier brand new Tama drumkit! 


Until next time... Keep Jamming!!!



What's going on with Mike- 8/17/15

Hello everyone! I first would like to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback on not only this website, but all of the exciting things going on currently.


Things with Sunset Bridge Band are picking up as we have some shows coming up and we are still working in the studio to finish up the new album. I'm really pumped about this album and can't wait to share it with everyone. This band is different from alot of the other bands I have played with and I think that is what makes this a great adventure. Keep checking out this page and the shows page to keep up-to-date with everything we are doing.


As much as I love playing with Sunset Bridge Band, I do still miss playing funk/reggae/jamband music. Something about the connections you make with the other musicians when you're creating live on stage, or the crowd hearing something no one else will because it was all heat of the moment type stuff, makes that genre my favorite. Plus funk/R&B/reggae/jamband that's my wheelhouse so I love it! 


One of things I have been wanting to do as a side project (and extra cash) is a simple acoustic duo or trio playing covers/originals playing funk/soul music from the 60s/70s. I'm not talking about anything crazy like taking it on tour or hitting the studio, but like-minded musicians that want to have fun, start up a dance party and maybe make a little cash too. Anyone reading this that is thinking the same thing get in touch with me and let's talk. 


As always, if you want to get a hold of me to say hello, give feedback or is looking to book me, you can go to the contact page.


That's all I got for now, this was longer than I anticipated. Until next time, Keep Jamming!!!  -M-


New Website is Coming Along- 8/11/15 

So I started working on my website a little and I am fully aware that I don't have the talents of most when it comes to web design but lately I have felt very compelled to get something up and running. I just need to get my name out there and see what can become of it. Keep an eye on here for new adventures and hopefully many, many shows... -M-

No more Buffalo Strange- 7/7/15

Today was truly a sad day for me. After 10 years of playing with Buffalo Strange, Rob has decided that he no longer wished to continue with the band he started back in 1993. I still remember the day Rob & Juan asked me to play drums and I heard the band's sound I instantly fell in love! It was the type of music I was craving to play. I will never forget the amazing experiences and musicians that I had the pleasure of playing with during my tenure as heartbeat. New adventures await...  -M-